Closing the Body Shop?

Body+Worlds+Exhibition+Gunther+Von+Hagens+EHDPueoAav1l-1Anyone who has been to a Bodyworlds exhibit can attest it is a remarkable experience that melds engineering, science and theatrics in the most personal way possible – via the human body. BodyWorlds creator Gunther van Hagens is not doing so well these days. Business is no longer booming, forcing him to lay off 2/3 of his staff and Gunther no longer has the ability to wield his own scalpel:

“My hand trembles, my language is vague,” he stammered. Two years before, he’d been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and the symptoms had grown so intense, so rapidly, that he could no longer keep them secret. There is no cure for his disorder, no way to prevent his brain from shrinking. With each passing month, von Hagens’ limbs will get more rigid and his face more like a mask. After a career spent staving off rot and giving life to stiffened corpses, the man the tabloids call “Dr. Death” faces his own.

Daniel Engber dissects the whole story.

(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Europe – found on  here)