Anniversary of Einstein's Brain

Einstein_frontal_smallThose of you who've heard me lecture know I'm obsessed with glia and therefore somewhat obsessed with Einstein's brain, primarily because: "In 1985, neuroscientist Marian Diamond at the University of California at Berkeley published a study suggesting that Einstein had more glial cells per neuron in one section of his left inferior parietal lobe (an area involved in complex reasoning and processing visual stimuli) ..." This weekend marks the anniversary of Einstein's autopsy and the removal and saving of his brain for further study, a move that probably would've revolted Einstein because  I want to be cremated so people don’t come to worship at my bones,” he told his friend and biographer Abraham Pais.


his brain was retained and and for many years parceled out piecemeal to anyone with sufficient credentials for further study. Yep, this was long before HIPA. And hypermedia (I'm suddenly having visions of people taking selfies with Einstein's brain).

Anyway, the story behind the saving and further misadventures of Einstein's preserved brain always makes for fascinating reading. Like this article from Slate's Bess Lovejoy.