Anti Antioxidant

AntioxidantsKas Thomas pummels the science of antioxidants: "... after 60 years of intensive research into antioxidants, with billions of dollars spent looking for nutrients that can retard cell aging, not a single antioxidant compound has been found that can extend human life,"  though antioxidants do heighten  " against DNA damage, lipid damage, and other typical signatures of oxidative stress."

He also takes on the marketing of antioxidants:

The food and beverage makers (aided by their shills in the media) have already brainwashed a trusting public into thinking "antioxidants" (an absurdly broad chemical category that includes most food preservatives) have a magical ability to neutralize 'harmful free radicals.' Which is nonsense.

"Free radicals are essential to respiration; mitochondria cannot function without them. Superoxides are an unavoidable byproduct of lipid breakdown. Nitric oxide (a free radical) is an essential neurotransmitter and vasodilator. Hydrogen peroxide (supposedly a harmful Reactive Oxygen Species) is an essential signalling molecule. Antioxidants? We're an oxygen-breathing species. Our metabolism has evolved to deal with oxidants."

Find the research behind the article by Viviana Perez  here