Are We Over-Training our Children? Cont...

A Connections reader writes: What happens when you over-train a race horse?  What happens when you train a horse too early? Well everybody ( horse owners and trainers) in the world is smart enough to not do that cuz they know and understand the potential consequences.

Big potential investment loss and not to mention cruelty charges to animals. But is there something that happens to today's parent's IQ  when they breed children?

I remember the day when I played one sport during the whole year locally, cost $10 for a uniform, mom drove me to the field 2-3 miles away and both my dad and mom watched me play.  We had one practice per week, two at most and played two games at most per week.  If we did well and were tops then we might go to a neighboring city (twenty  miles away and play in semi finals or finals).

I was 17 before I went 180 miles to Portland and stayed over night for a play off and 19 when I hopped onto a prop jet and flew to the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington New Mexico.

Today it is both the grueling schedule, and the kids being submitted to endless travel.  In my neck of the woods several times during the season kids ages 8-10 are transported by parent car as far as 200 miles (one way) with overnight stays and several games in two days.  The parents survive on Starbucks and energy shots and the kids pump up on sugar.  Also it is common in these leagues for the cost of playing a season to be $3000 per kid, per sport, per season.

Even Roy Rogers did not ride Trigger every day, they had horse sense back then.

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