Beefcake Yoga

beefcakeProfessional Wrestling, regardless of the theater of it, is not known for being kind to wrestlers as they age. For example, take Jake "the Snake" Roberts. At 55, he was miserable and suffered from debilitating pain. “I couldn’t squat down, I couldn’t get down on my hands and knees,” he told me. “I weighed 308 pounds. My daily workout was a crack pipe and a six-pack.” He holed up in a small home in Gainesville, Tex. The wrestling world kept its distance. Two years ago, Roberts received an unlikely phone call from Diamond Dallas Page, one of his best friends from the circuit. Page had become an oddity even among wrestlers. He successfully used his own form of yoga, which he combined with more traditional strength-building exercises and calisthenics, to repair his injured spine and return to the sport an unlikely champion at 43. Page...  traveled the country promoting what he called D.D.P. Yoga... Chris Jericho, a six-time W.W.E. champion, declared that D.D.P. Yoga had healed his herniated disc. Jerry Brisco, a 67-year-old W.W.E. Hall of Famer, said that Page’s yoga had done nothing less than help him “reclaim my life.” At least 40 current W.W.E. wrestlers swore by the program.

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