Blog Status

StarTrek6Hello readers! It's been a pretty busy week here getting back from Germany. There's been my life to return to, jet lag to get over, patients to see, Doctor Who to catch up on, music demos to record, Tiger Body DVDs to mail out (Oh yes! they just came today – hurrah!), 2 classes and one fascia talk to prep, and another DVD to finish (Fascia Academy 2 ), so activity on the blog has been a little sparse this week. I ask for your patience. And sleep. Email me some sleep. I've been dutifully collecting stories of interest, and I still have a few more things  to share from Germany, so stay tuned – fascialconnections will be back to it's regular mode next week. Also, Three Cheers to Carrie Gaynor pitching in this week and helping out with a great review. I hope it will be the first of more.

ConferenceDavid Lesondak