BBC reports that scientists have created the "Big Brain" , a 3D transparent  brain, enabling one to see details smaller brain_glass_modelthan a human hair.  The model was published in the journal Science and is freely available to neuroscientists Speaking of, Robert Long cautions against a mindless embrace of neuroscience:  "The wild exaggeration of neuroscience—both of specific findings, and of the field’s primacy in understanding human nature more generally—has drawn the ire of savvy bloggers and tome-writing intellectuals for years. The exposure of Jonah Lehrer, neuroscience’s most prominent popularizer, as a plagiarist and a fabricator also occasioned a critical look at the popsci genre he championed...

Anti-pop neuroscience, as opposed anti-neuroscience, is the key distinction... the uses and abuses of neuroscience are more illustrative as a story of our tendency to get ahead of ourselves. Our perennial thirst for elegant mechanisms and overarching narratives, noble in its own right, can lead us to take lazy shortcuts and place our hope in the Next Big Explanation..."

More information on the Big Brain here.  See a video of it here.

Tip of the Hat: Cheryl Cohen