Connect 13 Day 3 Part Two

edf5a162dfIt's the bottom of the 9th at Connect 13... Werner Klinger, of the Fascia Research Project here at Ulm,  promises us the secrets of everlasting youth, zero C02 emissions and eliminating muscle pain. He then takes us on a good humored trip through through the science behind proper fascial hydration, kinetic storage capacity and the relationship of myofibroblasts to chronic contractures.

So three runners on base and Dr. Thomas Findley steps up to the plate, and hits a grand slam. His lecture on the recent findings from the previous Fascia Research Congresses has the entire audience captivated.  Scientist by scientist the research of Yucesoy, Vanderwaal, Purslow, Tesarz, Stecco, Grodinsky and Ingber comes alive with a vitality and relevance that I have never before seen (and I have heard Tom lecture many times).

In a conference full of illuminating moments this is a supernova tour de force. There is so much information so succinctly encapsulated and masterfully delivered that nothing less than a full transcription could do it justice.

As I'm  breaking down my equipment I am literally besieged by inquiries as to when the videos will be available. I do have other commitments and deadlines but I can tell you that a special version of Dr. Findley's lecture will be available on the members-only part of the website for the Fascia Research Society.

And of course, you'll hear about it first on

Thank you for your time and attention on this Connect13 Conference.The first ever on fascia and sports medicine. It was a wonderful, ground-breaking interdisciplinary event. It's great when we can all play together.

Day One coverage can be found here, Day Two here and here and the morning of Day Three here.

And here's a video of the event  made by attendee and friend Mike Costerus