Connect 13 Schedule

edf5a162dfWell, tomorrow all the fun begins but I thought you might like to see what's coming up. Friday  is all about bridging science with the clinical experience and load-inducing. Topics to be covered include connective tissue as a force transmitter, treating soccer player injuries, endoscopic procedures for nerve entrapment, tendon adaptation, and connective tissue repair. Afterwards there's a mixer/party (something tells me Divo cooked this up, I just know music will be involved in some way). We'll see if I actually manage to blog after that!

Saturday will deal inflammatory issues (with tissues, not science controversies) and kinetic storage properties of tendons and aponeurosis. There's also a series of 5 minute poster presentations on fascial plasticity –  really looking forward to that one!

Sunday morning is focused on stretching, which seems appropriate to me somehow, and should be interesting after yet another piece about  not  stretching that's been making the rounds like wildfire (it will get covered here in depth soon).The day will end with translational medicine, possible applications and someone I'm really looking forward to seeing Andrew Franklyn-Miler.

Stay tuned,  it's all about to begin!