Don't Walk Your Baby Let's face it watching babies and small children mimic adult behavior is unendingly adorable, or alternately frustrating, but do we push or rather pull our babies to grow up too fast?

Child Care blogger/teacher Janet Lansbury thinks so, at least in terms of gait and walking and lists 9 reasons not to walk your baby including loss of transitional movements:

"There is an agile 7 month old boy in my new class who spends the majority of the class in perfect straddle splits when he isn’t sitting (a recent development) or scooting across the floor. The parents (neither of whom are dancers, gymnasts, or even circus performers) and I were marveling at him just last week, wondering if, and for how long he will maintain this astonishing flexibility.

Transitional postures are building blocks, each one having a distinct and valuable developmental purpose for our child. When we, however subtly, nudge our child to sit or walk, we believe we are helping, but the child ends up losing out on experiencing a healthier developmental process which includes the wide array of naturally strength-building postures."