Fascia and You

RunningManrunnersworld.com has one of the best mainstream articles on fascia that I have yet to see. Author Julia Lucas includes practical analogies: " Grab hold of the collar of your shirt and give it a little tug. Your whole shirt responds, right? Your collar pulls into the back of your neck.  The tail of your shirt inches up the small of your back. Your sleeves move up your forearms...That's a bit like fascia... 

"Now, pull the collar of your shirt again, only this time, hold onto it for eight hours. That's about the time you spend leaning forward over a desk or computer or steering wheel, right? Now, pull it 2,500 times. That's about how many steps you'd take on a half-hour run. Your shirt probably isn't looking too good at this point."

She also gets props for highlighting one of my faves, why fascia has been, until recently, largely ignored by mainstream science and medicine: " Fascia's messy stuff. It's hard to study. It's so expansive and intertwined ... the convention in med-school dissections has been to remove as much of the fascia as possible in order to see what was underneath... it's easier to study." 

She highlights why it's relevant to your performance, injury and pain issues and what you can do about it. This article is so accessible and real that I just want to cut and paste the whole thing.

It's that good. Go read it now.