Get Thee To a Snuggery

Unknown Continuing this theme of touch –  when I first discovered this study  linking lack of touch with overly aggressive behavior in adolescents, it ignited my fascination with the necessity of touch. This was aided and abetted by the wonderful work of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami. Touch is vital to socialization and  developmentally crucial to our growth.  Hot on the heels of yesterday's story involving the neuroplasticity of social and personal connections, comes this one about a new business in Rochester, NY called The Snuggery. The Snuggery is exactly what it sounds like – a  place where you pay to snuggle with someone.

Writes Rose Surnow:

The clientele that visits the Snuggery is overwhelmingly male, and ranges in age from about 21 to 85. One or two women have come in since the place opened, but “they mostly just wanted to chat” — oh, women — and that’s not really the point. Though touching genitals isn’t allowed, I was surprised to learn that clients are allowed to caress their designated snuggler’s face, hair, and arms. They are also allowed to intertwine legs and play footsie. As long as it doesn’t involve lady parts, it’s basically fair game. ... “A lot of people come in when they’re going through a divorce or breakup,” Jackie explains. “Because they don’t want to get into another relationship but they miss being touched."

Read the full, and frank, story here

Vielen Danke to regular reader Emily Gordon who suggested the headline.