Green is Good for Your Brain

WalkingTourscentralpark2-700x700Tom Myers always said that walking was the best form of exercise because it was the only one with a million years of research to back it up. A recent study in Scotland also says that a walk in the park is an excellent way to reduce "brain fatigue". For the new study, published this month in The British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and the University of Edinburgh attached these new, portable EEGs to the scalps of 12 healthy young adults. The electrodes, hidden unobtrusively beneath an ordinary looking fabric cap, sent brain wave readings wirelessly to a laptop carried in a backpack by each volunteer.

The researchers, who had been studying the cognitive impacts of green spaces for some time, then sent each volunteer out on a short walk of about a mile and half that wound through three different sections of Edinburgh...What they found confirmed the idea that green spaces lessen brain fatigue.

Let Gretchen Reynolds walks you through it.

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