Happy Birthday To You – Tom Myers!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyU7SsQmVRE Happy Birthday to the architect of the Anatomy Trains model of myofascial meridians – Tom Myers!

The first time I heard Tom give a lecture on fascia it was like a fireworks exploded in my brain ( I had  a similar reaction to seeing Van Gogh's The Starry Night at MOMA, – you pay attention when that kind of thing happens) and thus began a long and rewarding relationship. I graduated from Kinesis, his school for Structural Integration, in 2002 and continued that  association with Tom, culminating in a video companion to his fascial anatomy book, Anatomy Trains.

The resulting 3 DVD set, Anatomy Trains Revealed,  took Tom's concepts from the the page and brought them to life via the biological realities of a human cadaver lab. Over a period of 5 years various dissections were conducted, with both embalmed and fresh cadavers, at Todd Garcia's Laboratory for Anatomical Enlightenment  (imagine a zen master/samurai with a scalpel and the calm patience of Mr. Rogers – that's Todd!)

It was an unbelievable amount of work. And a long overdue Tip of the Hat to Jenny Otto , who was invaluable in assisting me at the last and most grueling shoot.  And after all that, just when we thought we were close to done, we  completely re-edited and re-sequenced  the final cut  based on student feedback that Tom was getting from showing finished footage during classes and workshops. This may be the first time an anatomy video was subjected to test screenings.

It added another 6 months to the final project but it was well worth it.

Tom still conducts fascial anatomy workshops and the latest information can be found here.

Whereas I'm sure many of you have seen the video at the top of this post, an introduction to the Anatomy Trains concept, here's one that you might have missed.


In this video Tom waxes philosophic about  an ancient potential origin of structural bodywork, while visiting the Greek ruins of the Asklepion.

Happy Birthday Tom, and thanks for all the good memories. I hope you get to spend the day on your boat!!!