Happy Thanksgiving

Max Strom writes:

"Imagine this: You are on vacation, resting languidly on a hammock between two palm trees on a gorgeous island in the South Pacific. The weather is perfect. Everything is perfect, peaceful, relaxing, and nourishing to the soul. On one side of you is a cozy grass hut, and on the other side is calm turquoise water of unspeakable beauty. It is easy to imagine that in these ideal and natural circumstances you would feel absolutely wonderful. To feel a deep sense of gratitude for what you have would not be challenging here.

"But now, imagine this: While you are resting here on your island paradise, you are thinking about your problems back home-the same ones you dwell on every day. Now, there you are in paradise, with a sour expression and hard breath, your mind churning as your jaw tightens, and your paradise transforms energetically to your own private hell-realm.

"The moral of this story is that when we lose our gratitude, we lose everything. It doesn't matter where you are if you do not feel gratitude; you may as well be back at your office. When you are feeling negative, it doesn't matter if you are in paradise; and if you are feeling gratitude, it doesn't matter if you are in difficult circumstances. Remember: Gratitude is accessible at any time, in any place; it is a choice to feel it or not."