Houston, We Have a Problem...

A00204F01So – I'm googling for images (man! if that was like "Bowling for Dollars" I could so clean up!) Anyway... I'm googling for images for a lecture I'm giving tomorrow when I happen upon a link  for Compartment Syndrome from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Ever curious I click on it to find a description that includes the following: " Anatomy: Compartments are groupings of muscles, nerves, and blood vessels in your arms and legs. Covering these tissues is a tough membrane called a fascia. The role of the fascia is to keep the tissues in place, and, therefore, the fascia does not stretch or expand easily." (emphasis mine). Geez! What are they teaching these kids in school today??


Tune in Saturday for the latest on fascia from German TV.

Ah Germany! The World Cup, a healthy understanding of fascia, and trains! Really, what's not to love?