ICC-CIM Announces Agenda

iccmThe Inaugural International Congress for Clinicians in Complimentary and Integrative Medicine will take place from October 29-31, 2013 in Chicago. Registration is now open, the agenda has also been announced. There is a huge wealth of presentations (over 5 dozen)  including:  Creating Universal Access to Acupuncture;    An Integrative Approach to Fibromyalgia;   The Evidence Basis for Tai Chi as a Complementary Modality;   When Behaviors Won’t Change: From Genetics to Biochemistry to Beyond;   Integrative Cancer Care;   Laser-Acupuncture for Autism/ Autism Spectrum Disorder a Randomized Sham Controlled Trial;   Integrative Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis;   The University of Arizona Integrative Health Center: The Development and Testing of a New Business Model for Integrative Primary Care.  

I  will be giving a talk on The Science of Fascia the morning of the last day of the conference. I am totally geeked and honored for  this opportunity. I guess that makes me "gonored"