iccm 10:15: A 3-year-old shouldn't have arthritis, but Shepherd Strauss did. His cure seems to have come about from an integrative approach. Read all about "The Boy With the Thorn in His Joints" here.

9:40: Gut reactions to the human microbiome.

In the human gut bacteria community, there are over 9 million unique genes. All these bacteria live or should live in a symbiotic relationship with what we think of as ourselves. Myself, I'm beginning to think we are a colony organism.

Think of your gut as a rainforest, with all the diversity of plants and animals that a rainforest implies. While I believe antibiotics have their place (when I had a very bad respiratory infection it was a limited combination of antibiotics and acupuncture that got me through it), the general population does tend to eat them like candy every time they get a sniffle.  In fact, one of our local grocery stores/pharmacies fills antibiotic prescriptions for free!

I bring this up because using antibiotics is like napalming your rainforest.  Not my metaphor, but of Dr. Todd LePine, who I am listening to now. He also is showing data that shows an imbalance, or dysbiosis, of the gut microbiome in children with autism.

Also interesting to note that an obese person's gut has over 200 fewer individual bacteriological species than a healthy, leaner person's gut. Kind of like endangered species, isn't it?

Okay, my "body as metaphor for the world/cosmos" filter is going on overload.

Want a quick and excellent primer about all this? Here's a great guide to the gut microbiome from Wired