I'm Back!

IMG_7820Sort of. It's been an intense week at the 2014 Fascia Research Summer School.

Besides having meetings, seeing old friends and colleagues, videotaping the conference proceedings, absorbing new information, getting food poisoning (true!), helping DJ the conference party, chatting with a reporter from NatGEO, chasing down presenters for their slides  and giving a Focus Presentation on Fascia as the Conduit of the Mind/Body Connection – I actually thought I was going to be able to live blog about what was going on while it was going on??? What evah' was I thinking?

Well. I'm definitely not thinking now. The blog will be back to normal next week. Thanks for your patience.

Photo: Robert Schleip and Werner Klingler of the Fascia Research Department at Ulm University with a jersey presented to them by keynote speaker Klaus Eder who works with, and does fascial work on, the World Cup winning German soccer team. Coordinator extraordinaire Pia Schmutte looks on.

ConferenceDavid Lesondak