Joint Conference on Acupuncture, Oncology & Fascia

11168920_10205366955390195_8926109870822198549_n "Integrative treatment of cancer is more important than any other treament." – Helene Langevin. Helene also spoke of how matrix stiffness influences the growth of cancer and also that cancer will increase matrix stiffness to better suit its needs for growth.  Exciting times here in Boston at for the 625 people attending the ground (substance)-breaking conference.  

1:52PM: Next Up, Lisa Hodge on Manual Therapy and Lymphatics.

(there was a lot to digest this morning after Helene. More on that later)

11:20AM: Helene Langevin begins her presentation: "Fascia, Acupuncture & Manual Therapy" (and I'm quoting now) – What do acupuncture and manual therapy have in common? They both stretch the connective tissue.

When wounds stay inflamed and do not resolve they lead to fibrosis (ongoing scarring) and then the fibrotic can lead to and feed into the development of cancers. How do mechanical forces that are applied in daily life interact the with the level of stiffness and how does that effect other processes going on in the body?

11:15 AM: Jun J Jao (Family & Community Medicine Penn State): "Many people say the positive results from acupuncture treatments are all placebo. I would argue: 'So What?"

10:50AM: Dr.  Gary Deng, the interim chief of Integrative Medicine at Sloan Kettering gave an overview of integrative oncology services including acupuncture, massage therapies, music therapy and the like. He also promoted an invaluable app they created called About Herbs. Memorable Quote: "Without awareness and mindfulness, nothing will happen (for the cancer patient."