Learning to Breath Fire

19scibook-articleInline-v3Christie Aschwanden reviews "Learning to Breath Fire: The Ride of CrossFit and the Primal Future of Fitness". She caveats:  " The book is loaded with tales of lives transformed by CrossFit, but after a while, all born-again stories sound alike. Multiple chapters on CrossFit competitions quickly become tedious, with their overwrought prose and forced drama. Readers looking for an impartial examination of CrossFit will be disappointed to find that the workout’s theoretical basis and scientific-sounding claims are annotated almost entirely by articles from the company’s own publication, CrossFit Journal... Addresses the controversy:"Debates about CrossFit’s safety have raged online since reports came out of participants developing rhabdomyolysis, a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when broken-down muscle tissue floods the bloodstream. “It can kill you,” (CrossFit Founder Mr. Glassman told The Times in 2005. “I’ve always been completely honest about that.

and summarizes: CrossFit is for risk-takers... It’s your responsibility to stop before you are hurt, the author implies, but the culture documented here glorifies those who struggle beyond pain. The guy who was wise enough to quit yesterday’s W.O.D. before rhabdomyolysis set in never warrants a mention... The line between breakthrough effort and injury or overtraining can be seen only after it has been crossed. The pursuit of that boundary holds the allure of self-discovery — CrossFit’s ultimate appeal."