Leaving on a Jet Plane

  IMG_2090Hello Readers – as I post this I am 10,000 feet in the air. Yep. Sky high wi-fi. In less than a days time I will be back in Ulm, Germany for the Connect 13 Conference on Fascia and Sports Medicine. I will be live blogging about the experience around my duties as videographer in order to produce the upcoming Connect13 Conference DVD (coming soon to a store near you).

With this being my third trip in as many years, Ulm is starting to feel like another home to me. It'll be good to be back, but I almost didn't make it. Somehow my itinerary only allowed for 45 minutes to change planes in Atlanta. I had to call the airline and say "Really?", but politely  and with good humor.  Since my flights were sold as a package and they agreed with me on the impossibility of getting from A32 to E13 in the allotted time – they were very happy to change my ticket to am earlier flight from Pittsburgh at no extra charge. Firm politeness works again. Thank you Delta!


So I'm one evening away from being back in the town on the Danube. And the fun doesn't end there. I'll also be diverting to Lichtenberg and visiting a very unusual music school whose approach is informed  by anatomy and fascial physiology. Stay tuned.
(Photos: Me at the birthplace of Albert Einstein in Ulm; the Ulm Minster with the Danube in the foreground).