Less Talk, More Therapy

Jessica Wolf  tells her story of receiving fascial bodywork and how it not just affected her body, but the rest of her life as well.  Excellent anecdotal tale! Excerpt below: "...she started pressing her finger into my C-section scar. “What are you doing?”  I asked her.

“Releasing fascia,” she said.  As she pressed on my scar, Ann E. talked to me about my body in a way I wouldn’t really come to understand for many months, but which I could experience the effects of right then and there. 

I didn’t know what I should expect from this subtle prodding, but it wasn’t for my lungs to inflate like balloons. As Ann E. worked, my breath deepened, my lungs filling as they never had. “My breath just completely changed,” I said.

“Yeah, I just created some real estate in your torso so your lungs are less constricted,” she said.

Now she had my attention...

Tip of the Hat: Deborah Porterfield

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