Let's Help Gerry's "Kids"

It's been long said that creative projects can be like children, so I rather imagine that a bringing a research pollackproject to term, from conception to publication, might be similar. Gerald Pollack, author of "The Fourth Phase of Water" has decided to fund his research via indiegogo.

Gerry's research is very important. But I will let him explain it to you in detail.

Many claims exist for the health benefits of certain waters. Such claims frequently evoke skepticism because the people who make them often have financial interests in the waters they produce or endorse. We simply do not know whether those waters can really promote health and reverse pathologies.
Our recent discovery of water’s fourth phase lays a new foundation for understanding the role of water in health. Evidence suggests that this water is critical for cellular function* and therefore likely to be critical for your health. We plan to launch scientific studies testing the fourth-phase water’s potential for promoting and sustaining health.
These studies have the potential to open an entirely new pathway for advancing and sustaining life -- through water.
The trouble is that initiating this new wave of studies requires seed funds. Conventional funding sources rarely look favorably on radical approaches such as this one. Therefore, we are trying to raise those funds through Indiegogo.com, a global platform for crowd funding.
If you have a moment, please take a look at our short campaign videoIt explains our vision and rationale for the proposed studies, which will objectively test various waters for their ability to reverse pathologies including cancer, diabetes, and several other devastating diseases. We believe that preliminary evidence is now sufficient to justify these studies, whose results will be made freely available to everyone.
If our vision for the health of humanity resonates with you, then please consider a modest (tax deductible) contribution to our campaign, which will help us launch these critically needed studies.
Also helpful would be a post of our campaign on your social network; or, a forward of this email message to visionary friends, who might be moved to join us in pursuing this scientifically based, drug-free approach to everyone’s health. The time has come.
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