Mastectomy Effect on Structure and Walking

The Gait Guys have a fantastic piece on how gait and movement are effected by mastecomies. They write: Following mastectomy, whether unilateral or bilateral, restorative measures are necessary, and not just for cosmetic effects either. From a biomechanical perspective, obviously depending on breast size, removing a considerable mass of tissue is going to change the symmetry of the torso particularly if we are dealing with a unilateral mastectomy... Breast tissue moves. It oscillates a various cycles depending on speed of walking or running.  There is a rhythmic cycle that eventually sets up during walking and running and the cycle is intimately and ultimately tied to arm swing.  Thus, it would make sense that removing a sizable mass of tissue, particularly when done unilaterally, will change the tissue and joint rhythmicity. "Rhythmicity"? Hmm... I like that word. Maybe that should be the name of  my album. But that's something else entirely – so for all of you with dealing with patients or family members who've had a mastecomy go here.