Om Mane Padme Yuck – Bikram Sued Again

Yoga Dogs ClendarSarah Baughn, 28, a Bikram student, teacher and international competitor who lives in San Francisco, is suing Bikram Choudhury, founder of Bikram yoga. Her lawsuit, filed this month in Los Angeles County Superior Court, accuses him of sexual harassment, discrimination and defamation. Said Ms. Baughn's lawyer, “Sarah wants whatever justice the jury decides so that this never happens again — that’s her primary goal,” . How this lawsuit will effect the Bikram brand remains to be seen. No stranger to lawsuits, Mr. Bikram sued to stop Yoga to the People, a NYC chain, from using his copyrighted sequence of asanas even though a federal copyright office ruled  June of 2012 that such arrangements of asanas or exercises, could not be copyrighted. The chain capitulated, but for rather idealistic reasons. Yoga to the People owner  Greg Gumucio stated: "There is so much good yoga to be explored, played with, and created! Why have a connection with someone with whom I disagree with on so many levels?"

We should all have the courage of our convictions to know when to stand and fight, or walk away and seek another path. I think both Sarah and Greg have that.

(image by Dan & Alejandra Borris/found on dogs2mogs blogs)