Paging Dr. Travell

trgptToday's Washington Post features a nice piece on myofascial pain syndrome noting: " In a 2000 survey, more than 88 percent of pain specialists agreed that myofascial pain syndrome was a legitimate diagnosis, but they differed over the criteria for diagnosing it. "Norman Harden, the medical director of the Center for Pain Studies at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, conducted that survey. He believes that practitioners need clear, validated criteria for diagnosing myofascial pain and identifying effective treatments. He recently conducted another survey to determine if the level of recognition among pain specialists has changed. Preliminary results suggest it has not."

While Amy Matthews Amos writes a great primer on myofascial pain syndrome it is worth noting a total absence of references to either Dr. Janet Travell or Dr. David Simons. The only treatment covered is dry needling.

Still it's great to see this kind of coverage in the science section of the Post.