Recline Me a River

airline.seats_0With all the time I spent on airplanes this past week, and being crammed into the last 7 rows  which on my flight meant two less inches of legroom (beware anything past row 35) this has been on my mind, and body, a bit.  I remember sitting there sometime during my 10 hours, wondering what my fibroblasts were up to and trying various strategies to keep them from freaking out. Do you ever wonder who designed those things and how? Well. wonder no more. A  project known as  the Civilian American and European Surface Anthropometry Resource project, measured the bodies of 4,431 people in North America, the Netherlands and Italy. The survey collected a voluminous amount of data about its subjects, ranging from height and weight to shoe and bra size.

And  – Seat designers often make the assumption that nearly everyone will be accommodated if they design a seat for a man in the 95th percentile of measurements, meaning that they are larger than all but 5 percent of other men — and, theoretically, all women.

But you know it's not that simple. Sit down and read all about it here.

And if you suffer from "Economy Class Syndrome" here's  some helpful hints.

ConferenceDavid Lesondak