Rolfing & Endurance Athletes & Trademark

A nice piece on endurance athletes and positive effect of Rolfing™ Structural Integration can can be found here Says Maya: "Prior to Rolfing?, my idea of exercise without pain was slow walking and gentle yoga," Maya said. "I was a runner and athlete in high school, but I figured my glory days were behind me. I had a desk job and felt tight and stiff. I was plagued by chronic tendonitis and joint pain. It hurt my ankles, knees and hips to run more than a mile. Biking caused my neck and shoulders to ache and my low back to spasm. I just assumed that I had to take it easy or injure myself, I had no idea there was a solution to my pain and discomfort."

Also in this article  eve, y time there should be a ™ symbol, you you will a ? symbol. So you will see "Rolfing?" instead of "Rolfing™" This is do to an error in encoding.

However, in point of fact, there was really no need to use the™  symbol in this article. If this article was comparing different types of Structural Integration, then differentiating "Rolfing™ Structural Integration" from "Hellerwork™" or "KMI™" would be appropriate.  Also, once you use the ™ symbol in an article, there is no need to use it a second time –it's been established.

And in an article like the one linked, there is really no need to use it at all.  Says intellectual property attorney Kelley Keller: " There is no requirement to use the TM or SM symbols and their use has no legal significance,"  wow. How about that? She does however continue, "... it is wise to do so. When you use the TM or SM, you notify the public of your claim of branding rights in a particular mark and in turn dissuade others from adopting the same or similar mark for the same or similar products or services. "

Personally I find the use of the ™ symbol in anything involving health, healing or medicine distasteful. Polio vaccine™, or Quadruple Bypass Surgery™ – see what I mean. I think it cheapens the brand your trying to protect and comes off like bad marketing. Bad Marketing! Bad! Look at the mess you made!

But that's just my my opinion. We'll see if it changes when I have my own brand. >;-)