Singing is Connecting to the Body

article-new-ehow-images-a07-bt-k8-sing-computer-record-voice-notes-800x800Terri Gross interviews opera singer Dolora Zajick. Money quote: "Singing is connected to the body. So there's a depth in the body that's necessary to perform this kind of music and a lot of the expression comes from a kinesthetic awareness and that's one thing that I think people identify with... There are sensations that you're feeling physically that the audience isn't feeling. There is a kinesthetic, sympathetic awareness that audience has if you are really using your body when you sing that they are feeling at the same time. A lot of the times the audience doesn't realize that's what's happening... It's a very visceral thing." Early in the interview she also talks about "kinesthetic empathy" – a fascinating ability and one we therapists engage with, or should be engaging , on a daily basis.

Tip of the hat: Coletta Perry