Stop Reading This and Move! Now!

Eric Peper teaches a holistic health class at San Francisco State University and, glory Hallejuah!, goes on record to say that "The mind/body relationship is one that runs both ways.", or as Tom Myers likes to say: "Change your body about your mind." Even our nomenclature, the "mind/body" connection, reveals our bias towards the primacy of mind. But hey! the neocortex is the new kid on the block, so tends to get more attention. I understand that. But we need to stop thinking that we can think our way out of everything, sometimes we just need to exercise, and sit up straight (neutral pelvis people!), and move our way out of things.

And while we're at it – skip more too! I prescribe skipping as homework, as much for adductor issues as a mood elevator and now I've got research to back me up on that one too.

Just some food for thought as we approach Thanksgiving!

Fitness, MovementDavid Lesondak