The HealthCare Games

healthcareMy non-US readers may wonder what all the fuss is about, but even though the US has passed universal healthcare of sorts, everyone and their crazy Uncle Bob (sorry Uncle Bob, but we do need to talk) are wondering how it's  going to work, who's going to pay for it and if this takes us one step closer to a totalitarian state. Not to mention the impact it could have on healthcare practitioners in general. Obamacare does expand Medicaid coverage for the poor with the Fed picking up the tab, all the state has to do is say "Yes". At this point 15 states, including Utah, Iowa and Texas, have said "no", which means they have to come up with their own plan. This is getting very messy, but the state of Tennessee came up with an interesting idea. For poor people and the very sick they are  implementing a lottery where the first 2,500 people will be covered (leaving about 327,500  uninsured) Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams breaks it down.