The Secret is Coffee?

26OBOX-popupPeople on the Greek island of Ikaria have extremely high life expectancies and one reason may be their boiled coffee which seems to give them a better functioning endothelium, according to this study. Although Dr. Gerasimos Siasmos, lead scientist on the study also adds: " Coffee is only one factor. “It has to do with their way of living. People sleep over eight hours a night, there is increased socializing, and they have much less stress than people in Athens.”

While the study is fascinating ( and a plus for coffee drinkers like myself) I do wonder  how much of our thinking is dominated  by the "one thing" mentality  – that there is one. magical "thing" out there that is the key to improving everything else.  That kind of thinking does fly in the face of a more holistic/global approach.

Now I'm not saying that approach it isn't effective – I would much rather give a patient 1 targeted stretch or exercise that they actually do (rather than 8 that they don't) and build from there, but I do think it influences us more than we realize.

(illustration by Chris Gash/New York Times)