Utterly Fascia-nating!

Poster_B_PRINT200dpi_FinPoster_B_PRINT200dpi_Fini09.com, one of my favorite haunts, publishes this thorough,well researched piece on fascia. Author Robert T. Gonzalez does his homework, talks to and quotes major  players (Findley, Schleip, Stecco, Chaitow, Langevin) in the fascial world. He also examines the inconsistencies and controversies. While the overall tone of the article is  one of healthy skepticism, and there is one  quote that I find potentially more negative than originally intended as it was taken out of context (I know, I was there); there is still a cautious air of open-mindedness that make this a must-read.

The comments section, however, leave something to be desired, so I do encourage you to go in there and mix it up!