Yoga & Hip Replacement

HP_209_Uttanasana_248Too much of anything, no matter how good, tends to be bad. I think we know this, but are behaviors often suggest we have yet to master this wisdom. I'm remembering when I first discovered how L-Arginine could improve the circulation in my cold hands and feet so I tripled my dose. Then I started getting really itchy, because that's a side effect of too much L-Arginine. Something like that. Anyway, now there's FAI or Femoroacietabular Impingement. One paper  published in 2008 cited it common in women between 30-40 whose activities make "high demand on motion" tended to damage their hips more and specifically cited yoga.

Michael J. Taunton, a surgeon at Mayo, claims that he does about 10-15 hip replacements a year on people who do yoga.

Yoga fan and author of the somewhat controversial "Yoga and Science"  William Broad breaks is down here. He claims that: " Unfortunately, yoga teachers too often encourage students to “push through the pain.” That’s not smart. Pain is nature’s warning system." .

Really? Really? I hope my yoga-loving readers will stay a million miles away from such teachers and their ilk. And hey! It's 8:30, time to go to my own class. Namasté.

(Photo by David Martinez/Yoga Journal)