Fascia Academy III DVD

Fascia Academy III DVD


Filmed at the 2014 Ulm University Fascia Summer School, Fascia Academy 3 has 16 presentations on 5 DVDs of the latest in fascia science.

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Robert Schleip: 
 - Current Trends in Fascia Science

Tom Findley: 
 - Fascia Research 100 Years After Andrew Taylor Still

Siegfried Mense:
 - Effects of Fascia Inflammation on Peripheral Nerves

Carla Stecco:
 - The Paratendineous Tissues
 - Fibrosis and Fascial Pathologies

Willem Fourie:
 - The Scarred Fascia

Rainer Wirtz:
 - Surgery for Low Back Pain? Better Not!

Andry Vleeming:
 - Anatomy of the ThoracoLumbar Fascia and the Abdominal Ring

Boris Hinz:
 - The Mechanics of Healing

+ 8 other informative presentations.