Fascia Academy II DVD

Fascia Academy II DVD


This set contains 10 presentations which were recorded at the Fascia Summer School at Ulm University in September 2012.

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Robert Schleip Ph.D, Germany:
 - What is Fascia? Opening Review

Carla Stecco MD, Italy:
 - The Anatomy of Fascia
 - The Mechanical Properties of Human Fasciae

Leon Chaitow DO, United Kingdom:
 - Fascia Perspectives: Clinical Models, Theories & Evidence

Gerald Pollack Ph.D, USA:
 - Interfacial Fluid: The Secret Life of Water.

Jean-Claude Guimberteau MD, France:
 - A Conversation with Dr. Guimberteau

Jonas Tesarz, Belgium:
 - Nociceptive Potential of the Lumbar Fascia

Werner Klingler MD, Germany:
 - Fascia Physiology and Pathophysiology

Adjo Zorn Ph.D, Germany:
 - Swingwalking: Moving with Fascia.

Heike Jäger Ph.D, Germany:
 - Fascia and Fibrosis

Paul Hodges BPhty(Hons) Ph.D MedDr DSc FACP, New Zealand:
 - Fascial Contributions to Control of the Lumbopelvic Region:
 - Mechanisms & the Effect of Pain