Fascia & Sports Medicine DVD

Fascia & Sports Medicine DVD


“Fascia & Sports Medicine” is a 5 DVD set devoted to these two “fascianating” topics and how they influence and interact with each other. Featuring an array of 22 sports medicine, fascial, orthopedic, and bio-mechanical experts this 5 DVD set clocks in at nearly 10 hours!

Now Only $125 + shipping and handling.  Plus, for every set you buy, we will donate $10 to the Fascia Research Society!

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“Fascia & Sports Medicine” contains all of the following:

Disc One

  • Andry Vleeming  PhD, Belgium – LumboPelvic Stability: A Functional Approach
  • Klaus Eder PT, PhD,  Germany – How to Treat Sports Injuries
  • Paul Hodges Ph.D, MedDr, DSc, FACP,  Australia – Neuromotor Control & Fascial Interactions in Sports
  • Extras

Disc Two

  • Panel Discusion, Eder, Hodges, Schleip, Schmitt, Vleeming
  • Michael Kjaer,  PhD, Denmark – Load Induced Remodelling of Collagen
  • Gregor Antoniadis MD, PhD,  Germany– Endoscopic Treatment Techniques for the Median and Ulnar Nerve
  • Boris Hinz PhD, Canada – Connective Tissue Repair: A Matter of Stress

Disc Three

  • Jonathan Peake PhD, Australia – Cytokine Signalling in Skeletal Muscle
  • Jim Tidball PhD, USA – Inflammatory Processes That Drive Muscle Injury & Regenration

Disc Four

  • Benno Nigg,  Dr. Nat. Sci., Canada – Barefoot vs. Shod Running
  • Jürgen Freiwald Prof. Dr. M.A. Germany – Stretching in Prevention and Sport

Disc 5

  • Sarah Corey    MAS, PhD, BS, USA  – Back Stretching Improves Gait, Connective Tissue Inflammation
  • Mel Cusi,  MD,BS, RACGP, FACSP, FFSEM  Australia, – Sports Injuries and the LumboPelvic Segment
  • Thomas Findley MD, PhD,  USA – Fascia Research and Sports Medicine