Fascial Fitness DVD

Fascial Fitness DVD


Produced and hosted by Robert Schleip and movement expert Divo Muller the Fascial Fitness DVD interprets our new understandings of fascia into a unique form of practical movement instruction. As you know both the medical and sports communities have regarded fascia as little more than a mere wrapping material but this is changing we now understand more about the fundamental role our connective tissue plays in our physical health and high quality athletic performance.

New insights in fascia research have led to the development of concrete applications in rehabilitation and preventative practices for both amateur and professional athletes, and anyone how wants a more durable and resilient body.

“Fascial Fitness” presents a new training program for the development of supple, flexible and strong connective tissues and contains 3 sections: Fundamental Principles: Practice: which includes Fascial Releases, Fascial Stretching, Rebound Elasticity and Fluid Refinement; and a section of Tips for Everyday Usage which is a fun section on how to incorporate these ideas and practices into things that you and your clients are already doing on an everyday basis.

This DVD has a running time of 58 minutes and includes a 20-page booklet.

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