Poster C

Poster C

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Poster B has 9 different illustrations including the fascia man, lumbodorsal fascia, the deep posterior leg compartment, abdominal “belt” and features this quote from Thomas Findley: “Fascia forms a bodywide tensional network which envelops and connects every tissue and every organ. It defines our shape and allows us to move efficiently and with fluid elegance.” 

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For decades doctors and clinicians have had posters and charts to illustrate the systems of the body in way their patients can understand. To do this for the fascial net seemed like an impossible task – until now. Over 2 years in development by Robert Schleip, Fascia Shop is proud to present the first ever set of fascia posters. They are a must for your office and beautifully convey without words the unity of the fascial net from the most superficial layers all the way to the endomysium. More than just another anatomical chart, they are also fine art in their own right.

There are three different designs, with posters A & B designed to work in concert with each other. We realize you may have limited wall space so Poster C was created to contain elements of both A&B.

These posters are ready to frame and printed on high quality photo satin finish paper. They are available in three different sizes 16×24, 20×30 and 24×36.