Yoga: Fascia, Anatomy, and Movement

Yoga: Fascia, Anatomy, and Movement


by Joanne Avison

This highly and beautifully illustrated book applies fascial anatomy to yoga giving a new context for using knowledge of the anatomical body in a practical and relevant way to movement. Presenting fascia as the tensional network of connective tissues – the fabric of the human form – this book demonstrates how tissues are animated in three dimensions, helping the therapist and teacher to deepen their understanding of anatomy, promote self-confidence and adaptability in individual students, and reduce vulnerability to soft tissue injury.

January 2015376 pagesPaperbackHighly illustrated
ISB: 978-1-909141-01-8

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Part 1 examines recent research and the paradigm shift from the classical anatomy of the musculoskeletal system to the new perspective the fascia provides. Part 2 applies this perspective to the practice of yoga with clear descriptions of techniques, exercises and plenty of illustrations. Part 3 considers the metaphysical aspect of yoga and the hidden geometry of our biotensegrity architecture as a metaphor for consciousness.


Part 1 Activating the intellectual mind: behind the new paradigm

  1. The Art of Contemporary Yoga
  2. Ancient Wisdom and New Knowledge
  3. The Science of Body Architecture
  4. Biotensegrity Structures
  5. The Remarkable Human Blueprint
  6. The Breath, the Bones and the Dermatomes
  7. Spines, Lines and Automobility
  8. The Elastic Body
  9. Sense and Sentience

Part 2 Animating the instinctive body: applying the new paradigm

  1. The Fascial Forms
  2. Animating the Architecture
  3. Yoga and Anatomy Trains
  4. Yoga and Posture Profiling
  5. Adjustment of the Fascial Form
  6. The Elastic Breath
  7. Yoga for the Fascial Body: A Simple Practice
  8. Freeing the Fascia from Within

Part 3 Illuminating intuitive awareness: integrating the new paradigm

  1. The Inner Sense of the Fascia
  2. Presence and Pre-sense of the Fascia
  3. Posture Mandalas
  4. Archetypal Geometries

Joanne Avison

Advanced yoga teacher (E-RYT500), Professional Structural Integrator, Applied (Myofascial) Anatomy Teacher, Director of Yoga Teacher Training accredited by Yoga Alliance (USA), Indian Yoga Federation, European Yoga Alliance and IPTI (UK)

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